Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steel Cleats and Chaperones

Growing up with lessons of self-respect, pride and good parenting.
2 minutes 10 seconds

by Rose Point
Rose Point is Thompson and Stalo who grew up living mostly with her Aunt and Uncle, on Seabird Island Reserve. She attended St. Mary's Residential School near Agassiz as a day student. She raised her children on the Musqueam Reserve with her husband Cagney Point. She is an early-childhood educator, BCIT's Aboriginal Elder-Advisor and is the family archivist. 

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  1. Thank you Rose Point for your ongoing support of the OccupyVancouver movement. Your calm presence is appreciated by myself. I have gone to the tent-city on several occasions and even stayed in my friends tent with his dog one night. The issue of homelessness is on the agenda of our politicians and I trust that there will be ongoing demonstrations with respect to that issue. Affordable rental housing is such an important topic in the City of Vancouver, and also across Canada, due to the fact that we have not had a National Housing or even a Provincial Housing plan. So, thank you for your wisdom of years.