Saturday, 30 July 2011

For the Love of Children

Harbjan never forgot the kindness of a landlord.
1 minute 26 seconds

By Harbjan Athwal 
Harbjan has lived in Vancouver for almost 50 years! She meets weekly at Moberly Arts and Culture Centre with a group of Punjabi women to socialize, dance, knit, eat, walk - you name it! She has three grown children whom she is very proud of.  

Friday, 29 July 2011

The Power of Woman

A bittersweet tale of love, loss and resilience
3 minutes 1 second

By Daljit
Daljit bravely shares her story of separation and how hard it was to lose custody of her children, whom she now sees regularly.  She misses her kids and loves them very much.  Daljit has learned to be strong, independent and have faith.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Way of Crows

Crow watching around Kerrisdale.
1 minutes 12 seconds

By Anna Smith
Anna is an avid drawer. She visits the Kerrisdale Community Centre for an after school program called Girls on the Go.
Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

37th and Mackenzie

A childhood home full of memories.
1 minutes 53 seconds

By Nan Lawrence Spedding
Nan grew up in Kerrisdale but spent much of her adult life in England where she married an Englishman. She moved back to Vancouver when her husband got a job here. It was just by accident that they ended up buying a house in Kerrisdale, bringing Nan's life full circle. Today she is an avid gardener and has a beautiful garden.
Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

City of Colours

Jagjit loves the rainbow of different colours she sees in Vancouver.
1 minute 49 seconds

By Jagjit Kaur Mann 
Jagjit came to Vancouver in 1991 when she was 50 years old.  On arrival she became an active volunteer so she could gain a Canadian experience.  She has worked with Oasis Immigrant Services Society and as a self employed Medical Interpreter.  She has many hobbies and singing is one of them.


My Life in Vancouver

Finding Independence in a new city
1 minute 49 seconds

By Amarjit
Amarjit moved to Vancouver in 1970 and raised her family here.  
She worked on a farm when she first arrived, and is proud to own her own home.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Legacy of Action

Harjit with her Hibiscus

Being an active member of the community was a trait passed on in Harjit's family!
3 minutes 11 seconds

By Harjit Dhillon 
Harjit was born in Bahowal, a small village in the district of Hoshairpur in India. Once settled in Vancouver Harjit created a similar kind of home life as she had in India… one where everyone was welcome. She often had her extend family: nephews and nieces, family friends and political figures stay with her family. Her nephew is Ujal Dosanjh (former Premier of British Columbia) and even he stayed with the family when he first came from India. When Harjit wasn't immersed in politics she sewed a lot of her own and her children's clothing.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Cars In The Family

In the late 1920's if you went to the corner of Burrard and Georgia you would have found yourself at Hadaway's Corner.
 2 minutes 34 seconds 

By Bill Hadaway
Bill was born and raised in Vancouver.  He attended Kitchener Elementary school, Point Grey, (when it was just a Junior High School) and Magee Secondary school.  Bill didn’t follow in the automobile trend of his seniors and went into Dentistry.  He worked throughout the city as a Dentist with the Vancouver Health Department and with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, mainly at South Health Unit at 49th and Knight Street.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Grandfather's Advice

Manjit visits friend and ex-collegue,
Chris Purnell at the sawmill.

A grandson heeds advice for a good life.
2 minutes 57 seconds

By Manjit Dhillon
Manjit was born in Hoshiarpur, India and moved to Vancouver on July 4, 1948. Besides working at the sawmill he was honoured for his 11years of  volunteer service at  the Sikh Temple on Ross Street. From 1964-1975 he raised the most money in order to build the new temple.  Manjit has volunteered at the Sunset Community Centre since 2004 and is now on the Board of Directors there. Now that he is retired Manjit loves his garden and last year he grew many pounds of Dukabhour green beans!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Golden Voice

Remembering the performance of a lifetime!
2 minutes 33 seconds

By Eunice Tossell
Eunice made her living as a singer for many years. She then became the secretary of The Strathcona Elementary School. Now that she is retired she has time to watch all the games of her beloved hockey team, the Canucks.
Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Parks of My Childhood

Childhood memories of Marpole parks.
1 minute 26 seconds

By Vivienne Van Slyke
Vivienne has lived in Vancouver and Richmond since her family’s arrival to Canada in the late 50’s.Vivienne has owned and operated several businesses over the years and she and her husband are currently putting the finishing touches on their fully renovated home in MacKenzie Heights. She has 4 grown children, 2 grandchildren and has recently celebrated her 37th wedding anniversary. 

Friday, 15 July 2011

Walking With Stirling

A tale of searching for a good friend to explore one of Vancouver's very best neighbourhoods with.
1 minute 36 seconds

By Judy Newton 
Judy is a long time resident of the Mt Pleasant neighbourhood.  She volunteers at the Botanical Garden at UBC, after working there for many years.  She recently traveled to England on a garden tour.  Judy loves to meet friends for coffee, read, and visit with her children and grandchildren. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tailored Memories

Matt with his daughter, Anika
The appreciation of history from a Riley Park business owner.
2 minutes 45 seconds

By Matt Bishop
Matt Bishop lovingly opened Re-entry Espresso in 2006, it became a very popular coffee shop on Main.  Sadly it closed it's doors on February 27, 2011 and is missed by all.  Matt has stored one of the espresso machines in his basement; staff and regulars continue to beg him to throw coffee parties!  He has two lovely daughters and a wonderful wife, and has now moved onto a new job writing software for a local ecommerce company. 
Originally collected for Riley Park Stories

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Settling In

Starting a new life in Vancouver with her husband and 3 children in 1971 was full of challenges.
3 minutes 5 seconds

By Mohinder Sidhu
Mohinder and her husband worked very hard when the first arrived in Vancouver.  Their hard work paid off and all of their 3 children were raised and educated well.  Since her retirement in 2000, Mohinder has been focusing on helping others through volunteer work.  She is an amazing community facilitator and has worked with the Canadian Diabetes Association, done workshops on Emergency Preparedness, started a walking club, and leads wellness groups and workshops on healthy living.