Friday, 30 September 2011

Strongmen of the Docks

Memories of working on the docks.
3 minutes 16 seconds

by Delbert Guerin
Delbert Guerin, a Musqueam elder, began his 40-year career on the Vancouver waterfront at a time of great change, when the throngs of men loading and unloading ships were about to be replaced by forklifts, cranes and trucks. He visits the huge gantry cranes on the docks that he operated in the last decade or so before he retired, and remembers a childhood memory that began his fascination with the waterfront.


The parade of pride down Commercial Drive.
3 minutes 12 seconds

By Gerda and Rocky Mathias
Gerda has been working with the elders on the Capilano Reserve for almost 10 years. She enjoys this because she is happy to look after and care for her people and she will continue to do so

Rocky grew up learning how to carve by watching his grandfather and dad carve. He was a carpenter for 20 years for the Squamish people, building houses from the bottom up. He is one of the Squamish artists and continues to carve today.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Going with the Flow

A stay-at-home dad shares his dreams.
2 minutes 44 seconds

By Rene Cherrie
Rene continues to build his home studio and work on producing music and sound design. He tries to work out 4-5 times a week to keep a positive attitude and he also just started painting for another creative outlet.

The Cycle

The positive impact of cycling.
1 minutes 33 seconds

By Travis Pawlak
Over the summer Travis worked as a youth worker at the West Point Grey Community Centre. Currently he is in University in Sweden.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Arrival Story

A story about getting your groove back.
2 minutes 10 seconds

By Nancy Strider
Nancy is now blooming in a housing co-op, while her son is checking out his Toronto roots and studying urban planning. Their Portrait V2K story plaque survived a large fire in 2009, and can still be read on a lamppost at the southwest bus stop at Main and East Broadway.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Drawn to Community

A retrospective look at a life's work building community.
2 minutes 32 seconds

By Pat Hogan
Pat has lately been organizing an annual BOLD conference - Bold Old Lesbians and Dykes - a weekend of workshops and entertainment, as well as participating in and organizing same sex ballroom dancing. She has 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren and lives in a housing co-op off the drive!

Home Sweet Home

A celebration of belonging in Vancouver.
2 minutes 29 seconds

By Little Woo
Little Woo is an unconventional spiritual teacher and artist who offers deep insight and joie de vivre on the journey of conscious Evolution. Many of her students are lovable freaks, burlesque dancers, artists, freedom-seekers and offbeat entrepreneurs.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Stories from Locarno Beach

Living at the beach during the 1930's and 1940's!
2 minutes 32 seconds

By Marguerite and Ron Delmonico
This brother and sister duo are both enjoying the retired chapter of their lives. They still have heart connections to the beach, but have since moved a little farther away. The Delmonico Family were fixtures in the community of West Point Grey!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Carving a Living

Mark enjoys living and working in his West End neighbourhood.  
1minute 39 seconds 

By Mark Redsky  
Mark grew up in apple country, in a place called Kelowna. He found his way to Vancouver after a couple years in Calgary and he fell in love with all Vancouver had to offer a naturalist and an artist. Vancouver and its proximity to the ocean continues to inspire Mark in his stone creations and screenplays.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Painting as Medicine

Inspiration in the Downtown East Side
3 minutes 35 seconds

By Leef Evans
Leef is an artist who used to live in shelters in the Downtown East Side.  Struggling with maintaining his mental health, Leef found painting as a tool for healing.  His amazing paintings reflect the neighbourhood he finds most inspiring.  He now lives in the Yaletown area, frequents the studio at Coast Mental Health, and diligently continues his art practice.

Friday, 23 September 2011

"Working" at the Beach

From adolescence to adult hood...
1 minute 53 seconds

By Glenn Schultz
Glenn still owns his family home across from the beach. He has stories about growing up at the beach to entertain for days on end!

Finding Identity

Exploring cultural identity through art and community
3 minutes 17 seconds

By Karlene Harvey

Karlene is Chilcotin, Carrier and Okanagan First Nations.  She is an artist and illustrator and loves making zines.  Her work in the First Nations Community has influenced her art, as well as helping her find mentors to foster her own identity in Vancouver.  After living in almost every neighbourhood in Vancouver, she know lives downtown near Stanley Park and loves it.  Karlene also does roller derby!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Drive

Finding her voice in Vancouver
3 minutes 19 seconds

By Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea lives on Commercial Drive.  She is a well known singer, often busking or performing shows at venues along the Drive.  Part of discovering her voice came from life on Commercial Drive, the people she has met and the places she has been.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Sweet and Sour Life

It is never too late to celebrate your own culture.
2 minute 31 seconds

By Bob Sung
Bob enjoys providing his colourful  Wok Around Chinatown tours for locals and tourists alike. He is also a published writer and consummate storyteller.

The Homeless Person

A lesson is learned from Dad.
1 minute 16 seconds

By Beza Kassay
Beza used to meet at Riley Park Community Centre Wednesdays for the Sports Plus after school program. She likes to draw.
Originally collected for Riley Park Stories.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Little Bit Country

A life that thrives in nature.
3 minutes 22 seconds

By Jennifer Maynard
Jennifer still lives in her Southlands family home and now runs Southlands Farm. She married a fellow who was born in Southlands and has 3 grown children. 
Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Columbia House

The bittersweet memories of a shared rental.
1 minutes 42 seconds

By J Peachy
J is the creator and producer of Sound Therapy Radio, a National Award winning Arts and Mental Health Radio show. He is an active community member with further work on Wild Salmon Activism and a member of the collective Gallery Gachet. J is also a painter and a stand up comedian and has the sweetest dog ever!
Originally collected for Riley Park Stories.

An Interesting Life

The challenges of re-starting life in a new country...
2 minutes 52 seconds

By Mildred Harris Slack
Mildred often shares her wonderful sense of humour at the Kerrisdale Seniors Centre. She enjoys gardening and her sunny sun room where she jots down her memoirs.
Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

Carnarvon Street House 1967-1971

Memories from a young family during their rental days in Kerrisdale!
1 minutes 54 seconds

By Ester and Niels Nielsen
Ester and Niels were originally from a small town in Denmark called Tarm. Niels came to get away from the wind and Ester followed him. They were married in Vancouver and had 2 children. 
Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

Monday, 12 September 2011

Drag Time

A drag club on Pender Street was the host to many good times!
2 minutes 59 seconds

By David Myers
David is a queer historian and contributes to the Canadian Gay and Lesbian archives in Toronto, the Simon Fraser University's Special Collections and the private collection of Rob Dutton in Vancouver. 

If anyone has additional photos, memorabilia etc that they would like to share please feel free to contact David by email: dbmyers2(at) or by phone: 604 253 1258.

It's All About People

Sometimes a hardship can bring unexpected gifts.
3 minutes 17 seconds

By Keiko Honda
Keiko lives in the Southlands area of Kerrisdale and is known for her art salons and community events. She loves to connect artistic friends and facilitate a creative community!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Chicken Coop

A resident of Fraserview in Vancouver discovers a country music link to one of the backyards in his neighbourhood.
1 minute 43 seconds

By Rob Howatson
Rob is an award winning freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Globe and Mail and The Vancouver Sun. He prides himself in having lived his entire life in the southeast corner of Vancouver, an area defined by the colourful Punjabi Market, the Mountain View Cemetery, Everett Crowley park and the mighty Fraser River in the south.

Family Business

A produce store that, through a stroke of fate, stayed in the family.
4 minutes 10 seconds

By Girlie Koo
In her retirement, besides visiting with her tons of friends that stay in touch from her days at J.B. Hoy Produce, she works magic with her orchids and enjoys walks through her Kerrisdale neighbourhood. Girlie has many talents, two of which are knitting and sewing. It turns out she knitted and sewed her own clothes as well as for her husband and children!
Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Last Family

Born is 1955, Henry spent his early years living in a heavily wooded area of the UBC endowment lands with his parents and 10 siblings.
1 minute 52 seconds

By Henry Charles
Today Henry is a husband, father, grandfather, Musqueam Speaker, Native Historian, Aboriginal Greeter, and the First Nations Storyteller.  He is pleased to welcome those that come to visit Vancouver – the traditional Musqueam territory.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Stubborn Streak

An inspirational story for anyone who has ever been told that they can't do something.
3 minutes 22 seconds

By Shirley Gordon Olafsson
Shirley feels like she had a marvellous life! She has spent her whole life teaching kids sports: track and field, basketball and curling, in order to give all kids a  good experience with sports regardless of their abilities. She is in the BC Sports Hall of Fame for both basketball and track and field and she has also been inducted into 'In Her Footsteps' to recognize her inspirational achievements on behalf of women in sports!

The House with the Monkey Tree

A delightful place to visit.
2 minutes 28 seconds

By Susan Gordon
Susan became a “horse addict” after visiting the ponies in Stanley park as a child.  She would often try to get a whiff of the horses at Southlands when in Kerrisdale!  She rode professionally and taught, and also ran a stable in Ladner for many years.

Originally collected for Kerrisdale Collective Memory

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Granddaughters in Vancouver

Sarder lives with her family and lives a full life with her community and neighbours.
1 minute 51 seconds

Sarder Kaur
After coming to Vancouver in 2001, Sarder looks after her grandchildren and enjoys all her Fraser Street neighbourhood has to offer. 

Finding Normal

The meaning of soccer is more than mere play.
1 minute 30 seconds

By Jinny Lim
Jinny enjoyed editing her 2011 school annual and she was elected President of the whole school. She starts her term in the Presidential Office starting in Septemeber 2012. 
Jinny plans to be a doctor

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Aberthau Mansion

The appreciation of building in West Point Grey.
2 minutes 11 seconds

By Madeleine Hebert

Madeline moved to Vancouver from the Island to study Environmental Architecture at UBC. 

She plans to get her masters and then hopes to open her own architectural firm. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Joe and Sarah

Joe and Sarah and their dog, Kevin.
It all started in the cafeteria at UBC...
2 minutes 44 seconds

By Sarah Monahan and Joe Sales
Sarah, originally from Washington, is now a doctor and has her own practice.  Joe is a photographer from Vancouver.  They have three boys, Johnny, Patrick and Paul.  The family recently traveled to Japan, and enjoy camping and going to music festivals.  Joe says the first thing that drew him to Sarah was her voice, saying she sounded just like a "southern belle".  They moved to Vancouver together from the states earlier then they planned, saying that George Bush getting re-elected was a driving force in their move away from the USA!  They love Vancouver and are passionate about cooking, art, espresso and music.

Basketball Diary

Manjit's children were happily surprised to learn that their mom could shoot hoops. 
2 minutes 23 seconds 

by Manjit Juppal

In her teenage years Manjit was a strong and competitive basketball player in India.  When she first moved to Vancouver at the age of 17 she had to put her passion for the sport on hold, but once she and her husband started their family she found new teammates in her sons.

Spanish Bank Creek

Salmon spawn in our city.
3 minutes

By Ron Gruber

Ron Gruber is an Artist, outdoorsman, and long term resident of Point Grey, he’s spent his life in the neighbourhood and seen it change from having wildlife like pheasants and quails to becoming more residential.  The Spanish Bank Creek restoration has been a group effort for more than 12 years.  Ron and several other local residents are certified stream keepers.  He loves seeing new people experience the creek and learn about salmon.

New Beginnings

Married for the first time at age 54 and moving to Vancouver to start a new chapter in life.
3 minutes 21 seconds

By Carmen Handinero
Carmen moved to Vancouver when she was 54 years old.  It was not too late for her to integrate her skills into the Canadian workplace.  She was a counselor at the University of the Philippines and she became a counselor for new immigrants in Vancouver.  As coordinator of the Multicultural Helping House Society’s ‘Bamboo Network Host Mentoring Programme’ she encouraged new immigrants to be resourceful, and assisted them in the search for careers that matched the work they did in their home countries. 

I Sing

Rodney shares his voice and his story about how he maintains his sense of self and culture while living in Vancouver.
2 minutes 52 Seconds

By Rodney Victor
Rodney Victor is 30 years old, but nobody would ever guess that.  He works painting lines on roads all over the lower mainland.  Rodney enjoy hiking and swimming and making art.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Serendipity in the 70's

A case of being in the right place at the right time...
3 minutes 39 seconds

By Geoff McMurchy
Geoff, the Artistic Director of KickStart Arts - a non profit organization for disability arts and culture, arrived in Vancouver in the 70's. When he first moved to Vancouver from Alberta he lived near Dunbar and King Edward.  He now lives in Victoria, and is a noted choreographer, sculptor and dancer. 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

You, Me and the Dog.

How dog walking can change your life!
3 minutes 40 seconds

By Sharon Kallis
Sharon is an eco artist living in the Downtown East Side.  Sharon works seasonally with whatever green materials she can use at the time. Her art ranges from woven coil structures out of invasive English Ivy to creating garments using materials such as hair, wool and leaves.  She has used her dog J.D's fur to create art pieces, such as a pair of shoes!  Her partner David is a member of the Legion of the Flying Monkeys, he creates instruments from plant materials.  Their lovely dog was responsible in bringing the two together.  It all started with David's notes to Sharon after walking J.D.