Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Chicken Coop

A resident of Fraserview in Vancouver discovers a country music link to one of the backyards in his neighbourhood.
1 minute 43 seconds

By Rob Howatson
Rob is an award winning freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Globe and Mail and The Vancouver Sun. He prides himself in having lived his entire life in the southeast corner of Vancouver, an area defined by the colourful Punjabi Market, the Mountain View Cemetery, Everett Crowley park and the mighty Fraser River in the south.


  1. Do you have memories of The Chicken Coop? Or of its owners, Mac and Irene (nee Loranger) McGregor? If you lived and/or worked in Fraserview in the 1940's-60's you may have known them. To share your stories, please contact Rob at

  2. Hi Rob, we met a few times out back of 2541 East Kent, I lived there for 24 years, this story first came to light and was going to be in the Vancouver Sun and then that week 9-11 happened and it didnt go to print and the story sat waiting for you to come along, I think I told you about it years ago, I knew Gino and his grandma 25 years ago but I think it would be best to ask him about his Grandmother, she and John Brown knew the most about the chicken coop, I was the one who found the wires and yes I was the one who had all the old Cabinets used for the recorded music, from what I know he had a ton of records and reel to reels, some of the reel to reels would play for hours and people would dance all night long, John Brown was the guy who owned that big house in behind the chicken coup, he told me every weekend the place had police and that one of the cops told him this address had the most police calls of that time in the city and he said it was the police and city hall who closed it for good "no Bathrooms" and lots of booze, I did a lot of digging in that yard and I think the place burned down or part of it burned,the site had burnt ash's under the grass, I heard all kinds of stories about this chicken coop..