Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Stairs

A definitive moment in a school staircase.
2 minutes 09 seconds

by Paul Livingston
Paul lived in Kitsilano for the first 10 years of his life. He says this about growing up in Kits in the '60s: "Kits was a beautiful place to live until I was about five. Then, the hippies moved in. The neighborhood became very colourful and noisy. Mixed in with families like mine, were the free-spirted transients. These were exciting times for many. but for me—a conservatively-raised kid—they were turbulent, troublesome times. I went to Henry Hudson Elementary and I was having a rough time of it myself. "Shortly before he and his sister and their family moved to Burnaby, an incident happened that has stayed with him ever since. He visited his old school and brings us inside to re-live the moment with him.

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  1. awesome story Paul!! Although strapping kids is certainly controversial these days.. it is certain that parenting today and our youth are in need of a "good old fashioned dose" of "smarten up"!....